Archeo Entry

Archeological information capture

How can we do more, faster, with the same amount of resources?

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Archeo Analysis

Archeological Information Analysis

How do we detect hidden relationships, make sense of information, and maintain a global view?

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Archeo Publication

Publication of archeological information

How do I publish articles in a scientific format and find key information scattered across multiple publications in Pdf format?


Archeo View

Promotion of archeological heritage

How can we make the archeological heritage accessible to the public and to the education and tourism sectors?

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Archeo Forum

Maintain community ties

How do we connect specialists and exchange ideas across borders and language barriers?

ArcheoBase as a solution for setting up multilingual specialist networks

Archeo Archive

360° information classification and retrieval

How to find information quickly in multiple formats (pdf, xls, doc, etc.)?

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innovative, reliable, state-of-the-art

Founded by a Swiss computer engineer and a statistical analyst, ArcheoBase places innovation at the service of success.
Its vocation: to offer the latest computer tools to the world of archeology, to facilitate and promote the work of archeologists.

The expertise and safety of a Swiss company

We bring together the most advanced engineering expertise to deploy the right solutions to the most demanding problems. The capture and processing of big data, scalability, statistical analysis, artificial intelligence and neural networks are our daily lives.

Advantageous Price

In archeology, budgets are often limited. Reaching a large number of users allows advanced technology services to be offered at very low prices, which are usually very expensive.

Continuous development

Accompanied by professional archeologists, we continuously adapt ArcheoBase to meet their needs and expectations. We are listening to new development proposals to solve the problems faced by archeologists in all countries.

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